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BKFC Fighters share New Year's Resolutions

Bec Rawlings, Tony Lopez, Joe Riggs, Chris Lytle & More 

Enter the Ring Saturday, February 2 on 

"BKFC 4: USA vs. Mexico" Live on Pay-Per-View 

from Beto Avila Stadium in Cancun, Mexico

PHILADELPHIA (January 3, 2019) - As the calendar changes to 2019, some of the biggest stars from Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) gave their New Year's resolutions as many of them prepare to compete on "BKFC 4: USA vs. Mexico" Saturday, February 2 live on pay-per-view from Beto Avila Stadium in Cancun, Mexico.

"BKFC 4: USA vs. Mexico" will be broadcast across the United States and Canada, exclusively on pay-per-view through MultiVision Media, Inc., on all major television and streaming distribution outlets for $29.95. It will also be available worldwide via streaming to all in-home and out-of-home connected devices.

Here are the fighters' resolutions for 2019:

BEC RAWLINGS, faces Cecilia Flores on BKFC 4

"My 2019 goals are to defend my Diamond Belt and 'Queen of Bare Knuckle' status, keep making history with BKFC, bring bare knuckle fighting to Australia and make that money!"

TONY LOPEZ, faces Joey Beltran in a heavyweight rematch on BKFC 4

"My New Year's resolution is to get in contention for a shot at the BKFC heavyweight title, starting on February 2 in Cancun."

CHRIS LYTLE, faces Mexico City's Erick Montano on BKFC 4

"2019 will be a year of total commitment. Not only my age, but the years of training wear down the body. I want to do everything in my power to keep me performing to the best of my ability. I always keep my eyes on the prize."

SAM SHEWMAKER, faces Tijuana's Joel Paredes on BKFC 4

"My New Year's resolution will be to knock out every opponent I enter the ring with. No more decisions!"

JOE RIGGS, faces Mexico City's Heriberto Tovar on BKFC 4

"My resolution is to make sure I finish my career on a big winning streak. I've won 20 of my last 21 fights since I left the UFC. The only loss was an injury from my M-1 Global title fight, and I'm the only American who has ever fought for that. I want to win as many belts as I can, but especially the BKFC title."

ARNOLD ADAMS, BKFC Heavyweight Champion

"My New Year's resolution is to make my 2019 even better than my 2018!"

CHRISTINE FEREA, defeated Jennifer Tate on BKFC 3

"In 2019, I'm going to turn my dreams in to a reality and become a professional champion."

BROK WEAVER, Lost a decision to Joe Riggs on BKFC 3

"My New Year's resolution is to not take a single loss this year in any combat sport that I compete in, and that definitely includes BKFC."


"My goal is to have the best and biggest martial arts gyms in Mexico. We have 30 academies affiliated to our team with hundreds of professional fighters and over 1,000 students. I would love to pass my knowledge along and help as many students as much as I can. At the same time, I also want to fight and beat the best fighters and win as many professional titles as I can."


"Most resolutions are about change, but I don't really want all that. I've been fortunate this past year and I've been able to live off fighting. My whole life I've been told that's not possible. So, this year I'm coming for the things they said I couldn't have; A comfortable, financially stable life earned from fighting, and maybe a BKFC belt or two."


"My New Year's resolution is to continue making every day better than the last."


"My resolution is redemption. I want to show the world what 'The Animal' can handle. I will put myself in a position to be the lightweight champion of Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. One thing I don't do is give up!"


Joey Beltran (Right) in a heated exchange with Tony Lopez (Left) at Bare Knuckle FC 1 in Cheyenne, Wyoming

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