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Bobo O'Bannon details why he loves competing in bare knuckle, meets Lewis Rumsey at BKFC 15

Bobo O'Bannon - Photo by Phil Lambert for Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship
Bobo O'Bannon - Photo by Phil Lambert for Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

Bobo O'Bannon returns to the BKFC squared circle when he meets Lewis Rumsey at heavyweight next weekend at BKFC 15.

The event takes place on Friday, December 11emanating from the Biloxi Civic Center in Biloxi, MS and broadcast live on the BKTV App,

O'Bannon recently spoke with Josh Fers of Combat Insiders about getting into the sport of bare knuckle and its comparison to boxing as far as injuries go.

"Once I saw bare knuckle, I was like 'this is it. This will keep you from getting that old noggin' rattled real hard.' In boxing, that cushy glove is not a cushy glove. That thing is like a brick with a cast on it. It will rattle your doors big time. Bare Knuckle will rattle you. It will hurt you, but I can take my hand with a pro boxing glove and pro wraps on and drive it through a brick wall. When I'm in bare knuckles, I'm not going to punch a brick wall very hard. It takes away your ability to throw everything that you've got into the punch. As a result we get a little more gruesome looking. That's what the crowd wants to see though. That's why I fight the style that I fight. When people drive past a wreck, there are other wrecks passing the wreck because people are rubber necking looking at the wreck. Everybody wants to see the head rolling around on the ground. I'm gonna do my best to give them that head rolling around on the ground, even if it has to be mine. It doesn't bother me."


BKFC-15 ‘The British Are Coming’ is headlined by the highly anticipated BKFC Heavyweight World Title Eliminator between Mark ‘The Hand Of’ Godbeer and Sam ‘The Mountain Man’ Shewmaker. Co-featured in a Highly Anticipated Grudge Match, Tyler ‘The Tornado’ Goodjohn and Charles ‘Felony’ Bennett clash in the 150lb. division.

Limited tickets for BKFC-15 are priced from $55 to $125 and are now on-sale through the BKFC website, (www.BareKnuckle.TV ). The event will follow all government protocols with socially distanced seating and all attendees wearing face masks.

Additional fights planned for BKFC-15 will be announced shortly.

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