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Christine Ferea: Bec Rawlings will never have enough heart

Earlier this month, Christine Ferea scored a technical stoppage win over Britain Hart for the Police Gazette American Women's Featherweight Bare Knuckle Championship at BKFC 5.

Ferea had Hart in trouble midway through the second round as referee Dan Miragliotta called for time to have Hart's severely bloodied and bruised left eye checked. The ringside physician stopped the contest moments later at 1:09 in to the second round.

"I'm the first woman to ever have this belt," said Ferea. "I'm going to rep it strong and I'm super happy right now. The first round I was feeling (Hart) out. I was watching some of her footage and she can do it all. So, I just felt out the first round, touching her with the jab. And then the second round that's when I went in and let my power go.

"I would love (a fight against Bec Rawlings)!" added Ferea. "I've been asking for a fight with her for three fights. I think I deserve it."

Rawlings, of course, is the Featherweight Bare Knuckle Police Gazette Diamond World Champ and the WBF Latin America Champ.

"She's not ready for me, she knows it," Ferea recently said in an interview with Combat Insiders in speaking about "Rowdy" Bec.

"She needs about four or five more years and some stand up training, some boxing, and maybe she might have an enough skill I.Q. to stand with me, but she'll never have enough heart, cause you're born with that. You can't just go grab some of that somewhere. I don't know. I'm willing to fight whoever they put in front of me. If they need me to fight another person, she needs me to fight another person, for an excuse to give her more time to train, then I'll do that too," Ferea said.

Will we see these two champions collide in 2019?

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