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Fighters predict Paulie Malginaggi vs. Artem Lobov

BKFC 6 takes place this Saturday, June 22 from the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa, Florida.

We asked a handful of fighters who they see winning the biggest fight of the summer.

Will it be Paulie Malignaggi or will it be Artem Lobov?

Jason "The Kid" Knight - "I say Paulie should win, but I hope Artem gets a knockout... Either way I want the winner."

Bec Rawlings - "I'm going for Artem."

Christine Ferea - "I want Paulie because he is a true boxer and has very high IQ. But, I know boxers are somewhat spoiled in comparison to MMA guys. Although MMA guys don't have good technique, especially in boxing, I feel Artem is a bit more gritty and that's what it takes here in Bareknuckle boxing! If Paulie is smart and keeps his defense sharp, and peppers Artem, he will be good. Artem throws shit you can see from Vegas to New York. Paulie can keep his ego in check and he does the correct conditioning, I go with him, If Paulie starts to go toe-to-toe, I think he will get stopped!"

Joe "Diesel" Riggs - "Paulie, because he just a way better boxer. Unless he hurts his hands or gets caught with a lucky shot."

Sheena Starr - "I predict Paulie is timid and runs first two rounds hoping Atrem will slow down, then tries to pick Artem apart in late rounds. I see Paulie trying to maneuver the safest fight he can possibly have. I see him drawing out the clock and trying to win by points. Atrem will start a little slow in the first round and will try to be the aggressor in the second with trying to not only defend, but he'll be looking for that power shot/KO because he doesn't want to be in there very long and take damage like last time...And just because it's Florida, I think it's going come down to some whack split decision or some shit."

Abdiel Velazquez - " I got Artem to win the fight! He already knows how it is to be in a bare knuckle fight. Artem is ready to fight Paulie. I don't think Paulie will keep up with Artem because it two minute round, five rounds of constant pressure in punches. Paulie is coming from a six-year retirement and coming back it's not the same so I won't be surprised if Artem win the fight. But this fight is gonna be good fight and we will also see who has the biggest heart!"

Jared Gordon - "I'm going with Paulie! Dont hate me."

Jamie Campbell - "I'm impartial there because I love Paulie Malignaggi. Before he even signed with Bare Knuckle FC, I loved him as a commentator. He knows boxing. He's very well spoken. To me he's just a very well polished.... well beside the interview he did where he lost control.. He's very professional normally with Showtime. He's a great, great commentator. As far as boxing, it is going to be an interesting matchup because Paulie doesn't have the power, in my opinion, to stop Lobov from coming forward.

"If Lobov follows him around the ring, like he's probably going to do, Paulie is going to pick him apart. If Lobov tries to trap him and cut him off, and get in an exchange, Lobov is going to win. If you look at the Ronda Rousey fight where she took on that boxer (Holly Holm), she got destroyed. Her corner should have told her to cut her off and attack, but she didn't. She never did it. I never understood it. Same with the Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez fight. Cain was a boxer. Brock was a wrestler. Why didn't he go in and shoot? I don't know. If Paulie keeps on the outside of that jab, and Artem can't cut him off, Paulie just picks him apart. I don't think he knocks him out, I think he just beats him up real good."

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