Jim Alers - "I'm gonna be the Mike Tyson of bare knuckle"

"The Beast" has answered the call. Florida's own Jim Alers will step into the squared circle on short notice next weekend on short notice to headline Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship's BKFC 7 event which will be LIVE and FREE on the BKFC YouTube page and on FITE.TV.

The bare knuckle event will pair Alers up against fellow UFC veteran Leonard Garcia on Saturday, August 10 from the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Alers enters the event coming off an incredible 45-second knockout win over Elvin Brito at BKFC 6 in June.

It was the second time that Alers had defeated Brito; the first coming in a mixed martial arts contest less than two years prior.

"You always have that confidence once you beat someone that you kind of feel you have an edge over them," Alers said following his win in the rematch.

"I just felt like you can only learn and grow so much in a year or two years, so what really helped me was watching his last bare knuckle fight and just the way he went about it. In our fight he did the exact same thing so everything I drilled on was perfect for the fight."

Jim Alers - Photo by Phil Lambert for Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship
Jim Alers knocks out Elvin Brito at BKFC 6 - Photo by Phil Lambert for Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

For the upcoming BKFC 7 fight against Garcia, Alers is replacing Jason "The Kid" Knight, a former UFC foe. Knight earned a split decision win over Alers in July 2016, and now that they are both competing for BKFC, a rematch under bare knuckle rules is a possibility.

"Man.....you know Jason Knight and I have become pretty good friends. We've talked a lot since then and everything. There's so many other fights I would like to see but... if it came to it, I'm sure him and I wouldn't mind you know? We would go in there and scrap for the right amount of cash."

Aside from the possibility of fighting a former opponent once again, Alers believes he has found a new passion for combat sports through bare knuckle competition.

"My main thing right now.... I had a run in Russia, and I kind of fell out of love with MMA during that fight camp. I was like 'man, I don't really like this anymore.' But I kind of turned around. I think I just missed staying active. I went from only once a year maybe in the UFC to now I am fighting two times a month. As long as they (BKFC) can keep me active, I know they are trying to do that monthly series, and I'm healthy, I'm down to fight bare knuckle."

The quick finish at BKFC 6 and new found desire to compete is what earned Alers the short-notice call.

"They called me first before anything went public about Jason Knight being injured," Alers said. "I was like 'yeah of course.' I didn't hesitate. I knew that it was a tough fight but a winnable fight. My last fight, I was preparing in going out there for an all out war. I saw how some of these guys were coming out of their fights and I prepared myself for that. I kind of just went in and did my business and go out. I was like 'man, I did a whole training camp for a war, and ended up only fighting for 45-seconds. I'm not injured, I'm still in shape. Why not? Let's give it a go.' Hopefully I can do the same and go in there and get it done fast but if not, if it is an all out war, I'm physically and mentally prepared for that already."

With the Garcia fight now officially set as the BKFC 7 main event, Alers has had time to break his opponent down and prepare for his style.

"I've been watching MMA and fighting in it for a while and of course I've seen Leonard Garcia fight. I've been a fan," Alers said. "One thing that I see is that he